Studio with gallery hours

So it’s 2024, Congratulations, you made it. It’s going to be a wild ride. Our micro gallery is going to be converted into an artist use space with gallery hours. We are going to keep our artists but the space will become an active creating space. We’re excited. We will see you in late spring.

Holidays incoming

We will be open Dec 15th through Dec 23rd. Sale on all original art additional 10% Full artist roster up for group expo. Pop up adult beverages and bites every Sunday as part of the festive season. We’re jazzed for the season. Let’s make a great one.

Albert L’Etoil

Solo show opens July 20th 2023 The Artist “I reside in Cumberland, Maine, and have been engaged in clay work since 1975. At the age of six, my first-grade teacher, Miss Forgeron, arranged a meeting with my mother to showcase a clown drawing I had crafted. The drawing was proudly displayed, and Miss Forgeron’s admiration…